New tracks in the snow

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. It snowed again the other night. By morning all the old tracks were obliterated, and the prairie was a clean canvas, waiting for a new picture to be drawn with paw prints. It reminds me of the new year that already has arrived. 2015 is a clean canvas this first day of January, waiting for us to begin putting new marks across it. I truly enjoy this month and usually have a burst of energy as I sift, sort, and throw away last year’s accumulation of ‘stuff’. Why did I cram those little pieces of paper in a drawer with...

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Remembering Korea

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Truthfully, I never read much about the Korean war. I don’t recall studying it in school. I don’t remember many people talking about it.  I have relatives who fought there and I heard some of their stories, but somehow the significance of this war eluded me. Merry Helms and her book Prairie Boys at War has sharpened my focus. I bought the book for Justin, and when he saw the size of it, he sighed. But once he began to read it, he continued. And he has recounted what he has learned. John Durand writes : “In this riveting...

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Rediscovering memories

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Marie Wheeler, Grandmother-in-law, was a young woman when her friends urged her to come to West River Country and file on an 80 acre homestead. There were available jobs, a chance to own some land, and adventure! Since Marie was an orphan, and accountable to no one, she heeded the call and boarded a train as far as Philip. Her claim was near a little outpost called Marcus, and with fortitude, a strong faith in God, and good and caring friends, she made her way into the north country and picked a spot to put her shack. When she wasn’t at...

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Fall and Festivals

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Fall is such a fleeting season. Only a few days ago the box elder tree was a glorious sight to behold; today its leaves have practically deserted it and bare branches are waving in the wind. The time seemed to go equally as fast this week-end at the South Dakota Festival of Books. The South Dakota Humanities Council had a full roster of presenters and  those who attended seemed well satisfied. The exhibitors had use of the Falls room at the Holiday Inn, and we were well satisfied with the crowds. A big thank-you to all the...

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Counting Blessings

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Island Princess Since we last visited, Justin and I and some of our family boarded the Island Princess and sailed up the Inside Passage to Alaska. We fine dined, listened to great music, ate ice cream cones, walked the deck in the moonlight, ate ice cream cones, and  watched gorgeous scenery float by. Ocean and mountains were spell-binding, and ice cream cones rated high on Justin’s favorite list!   Loved the long beautiful evenings on the water! When we got to Wittier, we boarded the Alaskan Express Railroad Train and started the...

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