Rumblings on the Prairie

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The incessant rumble of motorcycles from I-90 reaches the quiet of the ranch. Sturgis draws a huge crowd for it’s annual rally, and this year the prediction is for a million bearded, bare skinned, bandanna-wearing bikers to visit. Traffic jams, loud vulgarities, over-crowded facilities, over-worked law enforcement, wrecks, wailing ambulances, and incarcerations are suddenly common in our peaceful world. The venders and tattoo artists are waiting, rubbing their fingers together in anticipation of huge crowds and money to be made. Many...

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Ranch musings

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We were a happy trio as we putted along in the side-by-side heading out to the corrals to join the rest of the family. Bud the dog,  Little Guy (youngest grandson) and myself were taking cold drinks and goodies for everyone, and we had a light breeze, fluffy clouds, and blue sky as our companions. Not all the family was waiting for us; our oldest daughter and her husband were at the hospital, waiting for her to have surgery, but we felt she was in good hands and didn’t expect any complications. The cattle were sorted into the right...

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Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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My folks were married on May 18, 1937. They started their married life slightly in debt, lived on a rented farm, and endured drought and a depressed economy. Actually, I never heard them lament about any of the above facts; except once in a while when they were in the middle of a heated argument and they sometimes questioned why they married each other. They were  generally upbeat and seemed to handle with good humor most of life’s situations. Dad worked hard, but he seemed to enjoy it. Mom didn’t exactly work hard, but she...

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I love to tell the story

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The Countries of Whine and Roses is now available through Tate Publishing at this link: Tate Publishing The release date is May 5, 2015 and then it should be available from distributors like Barnes and Noble and amazon.  I should have books here by the end of March. This is labeled a juvenile book. I’m new to the world of illustrated books for youth, and it has been a fascinating journey. Sometimes a frustrating fascinating journey, but never-the-less a learning experience. Several years ago, while I was still teaching 3rd grade release...

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Our cuckoo sneezer

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“A-choo! Cuckcoo.” We looked up from our menus in surprise. Who would have thought we’d hear a cuckoo clock in beautiful McKinley lodge at Denali Park? After we placed our orders, we heard it again. “A-choo! Cuckoo.” Hmm. Obviously the little bird had allergies. Behind the counter, one of the gals also had allergies. She was a cheerful young lady, but often interrupted by her own sneezing. Because I was facing the counter and could see her, it soon became apparent this gal could not only sneeze happily, she also...

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