Goodbye, Belvidere I much love you

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        And at last, the final book in the Goodbye, Belvidere trilogy has made it to the final round, and is available now at BookLocker, or amazon, or Barnes and Noble in either print or e-book form. It has been a long journey. Those of us who are now ex-Tate authors are somewhat battle weary. It’s always disconcerting when a publisher slams their door in your face. Tate apparently built their publishing house upon the sand and when they forgot to adhere to sound principles, like paying their printers, or their...

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Black Boy, winter, and me

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Black Boy is a confirmed window gazer, especially in the winter. He’s content to spend the greater part of his life watching it snow from the comforts of Justin’s recliner. Sometimes when the wannabe  cats leap onto the window ledge, he puts back his ears and hisses. They blink at him as if his opinions matter little to them. And maybe, that’s why I enjoy winter. Like the cat, I watch it from the inside. When I need fresh air, the front porch is handy and close. When I need exercise, the shovel is also handy and close. Warm...

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World War I thoughts

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The Royal Prince and Princess of Hungary and Bohemia, Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. They were assassinated in Sarajevo on June 28th, 1914. I knew very little about World War I. But since the next and final book of the Goodbye, Belvidere series starts with young Isaac heading to Europe in 1917 to join the Allies in battle, I’ve been researching. I had already discovered the murder of Franz and Sophie prompted  Germany and Austria to declare war on Serbia. I’ve read detailed accounts of countries lining up with other...

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Golden days of Fall

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     I’ve been enjoying nature’s entertainment the last several weeks. The trees were almost giddy with their leaf display, and the geraniums didn’t want to be outdone. They proceeded to flower in abundance, and then, as if to show up the geraniums, the other flowers put on an equally lovely show. To top that off, the sunsets and sunrises have been spectacular. Add crisp evenings, lovely days, several light rains to wipe off summer’s dust, and you can easily understand why no blogs or books are being written....

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Prairie secrets

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Using my imagination, I stood where I thought the steps of the little church would be. Dakota prairie in the fall, minus the fence, would have greeted the congregation of the United Norwegian Lutheran church as they ended their worship service on the banks of Brave Bull Creek. The details of the memory are dim, but the impact of that long ago day when Dad and I went searching for a stray cow has resulted in an important part of the Goodbye, Belvidere trilogy. I suppose I was riding old Rusty, a kind and gentle mare who liked to mosey along at...

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