Our cuckoo sneezer


“A-choo! Cuckcoo.”

We looked up from our menus in surprise. Who would have thought we’d hear a cuckoo clock in beautiful McKinley lodge at Denali Park?

After we placed our orders, we heard it again. “A-choo! Cuckoo.” Hmm. Obviously the little bird had allergies. Behind the counter, one of the gals also had allergies. She was a cheerful young lady, but often interrupted by her own sneezing.

Because I was facing the counter and could see her, it soon became apparent this gal could not only sneeze happily, she also cuckooed.

“A-choo! Cuckoo.” I giggled when I heard it. “It’s the gal beyond the counter,” I informed the others. “Every time she sneezes, she cuckoos.”

Justin was indignant. Absolutely not, he claimed. There was a clock somewhere  that was making the sound. I looked at my son-in-law and shrugged. Oh well. If the man wanted to think it was a clock it didn’t matter to me.

“A-choo! Cuckoo.” Ever try not to laugh out loud? I looked at the other diners and noticed most of them had the same problem I did. My undoing was glancing at the daughters and watching the  hilarity on their features while sweetly listening to their father scoff at my information of the sneezer/cuckooer.

“A-choo! Cuckoo.”  Once again my beloved looked in vain for a clock, which was the rest of group’s undoing. We laughed until we cried and our sides hurt. It’s interesting what can trigger an outburst of uncontrolled laughter.

Yesterday I sneezed. From the living room I heard a distinct “Cuckoo.” Justin grinned at me from the recliner. I guess it was his way of saying it probably really wasn’t a clock he was hearing at McKinley lodge.


Join your friends at Dempsey’s Pub in Uptown Watertown South Dakota on February 12. Their Art night @ The Pub happens every 2nd Thursday and on the 12th of February they are celebrating all that is February with a RED SHOW.

I won’t be able to be there, but have submitted a reading called The Red-Head and the Redneck. It’s an excerpt  from my book, Laughter in the Wind. Hope the folks will enjoy it. My friend, Jane Green, who writes for several newspaper in the area, is handling the details for me. Thanks a whole big bunch, Jane!

And thanks Dad, for blessing me with the little cuckoo clock at the top of the page. You knew your young daughter loved to hear a ticking clock, and surprised her on her tenth birthday with this wonderful gift!

Have a good and Godly day!