I love to tell the story

I love to tell the story

The Countries of Whine and Roses Book

The Countries of Whine and Roses is now available through Tate Publishing at this link:
Tate Publishing

The release date is May 5, 2015 and then it should be available from distributors like Barnes and Noble and amazon.  I should have books here by the end of March.

This is labeled a juvenile book. I’m new to the world of illustrated books for youth, and it has been a fascinating journey. Sometimes a frustrating fascinating journey, but never-the-less a learning experience.

Several years ago, while I was still teaching 3rd grade release time classes, a story crept into my mind of a beautiful country of happiness where a good king lived and ruled, and people loved both him and the prince. Coupled with that thought was the joy of Heaven and what it must be like to live in the presence of God.

But another thread was unraveling in the story.  How did the Heavenly residents react when they learned Jesus was leaving them to come to the wicked world? Surely they must have wondered why their beloved Christ had to endure harshness and evil from the prince of this world, the devil himself.

Who would watch over the Christ Child? Who would make sure He found His way back to Heaven? What would give them any comfort or joy while they continued without the Son of God? God and the Holy Spirit must have reassured them Jesus would return.

So—once upon a time, in the country of Roses, a good and kindly king sent his beloved son, the prince, to the country of Whine to convince the unhappy people there that a better life was available to them. And for awhile the Whine people listened, but eventually, they began to disbelieve the message and hate the messenger.

The good folks of Roses were ready to fight for their prince, but the king said they mustn’t. And HS, the one entrusted to ensure the prince’s safe return, agreed with the king. There had never been such an unhappy day in the country of Roses. Even Diamond and Thunder, the majestic horses the prince and the king rode, put their heads down in sorrow.

But joy and laughter return when HS brought the prince home again, as he had promised he would do. While Mac held Diamond’s reins and watched Rainbow Hill along with everyone else, the prince appeared suddenly and greeted his people with joy.  Shouts of laughter! Dancing in the streets! The country of Roses is still celebrating.

I love this story. The release time kids always listened quietly, (which was a rarity in itself—-I’m not good teacher material) and asked fascinating questions when it was over. It is a great way to explain the Holy trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

I also love the fact that this Easter (and every day) we can all shout and celebrate because Christ has risen from the grave and has returned to His glory in Heaven. And–the Holy Spirit is as busy as ever living within our hearts. He constantly  reminds us of God’s great love and Christ’s great gift. We serve a wonderful God!

Have a good and Godly day—–spring is coming!

Joyce Wheeler