Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


My folks were married on May 18, 1937. They started their married life slightly in debt, lived on a rented farm, and endured drought and a depressed economy.

Actually, I never heard them lament about any of the above facts; except once in a while when they were in the middle of a heated argument and they sometimes questioned why they married each other. They were  generally upbeat and seemed to handle with good humor most of life’s situations.

Dad worked hard, but he seemed to enjoy it. Mom didn’t exactly work hard, but she detested slothfulness, and kept a wonderfully clean home and a full pantry of baked goods. They bought a place, farmed, raised cattle, and encouraged their kids to be honest, to work, and to be kind to others. Dad suffered a heart attack and died 40 years ago this May. All the years mom was a widow, she was able to live comfortably on what he had provided. I truly marvel at this. She was thrifty in her own right; yet she was able to buy what she wanted. It speaks well for their common sense and financial planning.

Besides all of these good attributes, they gave us something immeasurably precious. We have the assurance they are both in heaven. I believe the most precious gift we can ever receive from our loved ones is the calm assurance that they know Christ, and they understand He was crucified for their sins, and they are looking forward to eternal salvation in paradise. It is an unspeakable heartache to wonder where loved relatives and friends might be spending eternity when they give no assurance of their faith.

I especially appreciate this when I realize that neither of my parents were raised in a home that emphasized church or church attendance. They were baptized when they were in their 30’s, and they made the commitment to raise their kids in the church. The older I get, the more I realize what a rich and wonderful blessing they gave us with their decision and their commitment.

Mom passed away this spring. She went to sleep and snoozed her way right up to heaven. After all these years, she and dad are together again. I shed happy tears when I think of them in their new glorious bodies celebrating with each other and with friends and family who also reached heaven’s gates.

Talk to your loved ones about your faith. They will appreciate the conversation after you’re gone.

Have a good and Godly day!