Goodbye, Belvidere I much love you

Goodbye, Belvidere I much love you





And at last, the final book in the Goodbye, Belvidere trilogy has made it to the final round, and is available now at BookLocker, or amazon, or Barnes and Noble in either print or e-book form.

It has been a long journey. Those of us who are now ex-Tate authors are somewhat battle weary. It’s always disconcerting when a publisher slams their door in your face. Tate apparently built their publishing house upon the sand and when they forgot to adhere to sound principles, like paying their printers, or their employees, or their authors, the whole mess sank in the sand. As of January 17, 2017 they became defunct and are being sued to the tune of a couple of million dollars. Like others, I had a book that was going through the process to be printed and published. A cover had been approved and I actually thought it might get done for the 2016 fall shows. Oh, silly me.

However, we authors are a somewhat hardy bunch, and we have moved on to other venues. I was grateful BookLocker was gracious enough to take my book and get it out into the market. And, I liked working with them so well that we are gearing up to put more of my orphan books into the reading public’s hands.

I’ve been slow getting the new information on this website. It is enough that Daylight wasting time has stolen an hour of my day—-more updates will happen when I’m not pouting about the time change. However, spring is just around the corner—-at least that’s what I think the robins in the cedar tree were telling me this morning!

Thank you, good readers, for being so patient while Tate fiddled around. I hope you enjoy this book!

Have a good and Godly day,


Joyce Wheeler