Golden days of Fall



I’ve been enjoying nature’s entertainment the last several weeks. The trees were almost giddy with their

leaf display, and the geraniums didn’t want to be outdone. They proceeded to flower in abundance, and then, as if to show up the geraniums, the other flowers put on an equally lovely show. To top that off, the sunsets and sunrises have been spectacular. Add crisp evenings, lovely days, several light rains to wipe off summer’s dust, and you can easily understand why no blogs or books are being written.

There were other fun happenings. The South Dakota Humanities Council hosted their annual Festival of Books at Deadwood, SD, and I enjoyed meeting and greeting folks from my booth of books. I had some cheerful helpers who dragged books here and there, and their only reward was supper, (excuse me, my ranch roots are showing)—– dinner at the historic Franklin. We didn’t know at the time that a person died many years ago not far from where we so happily enjoyed prime rib. Ignorance is often bliss. DSC01582

Grandkids birthdays have been celebrated,  anniversaries have  been noted and enjoyed,  the area cattlemen are bring their herds a little closer to home range, while farmers have been planting winter wheat and harvesting the late grains.

Elk hunting season has started in the Hills. After many years of applying, our son was finally granted a license. In the gloomy twilight, he could faintly make out a nice bull, but it was getting too dark to make a good shot. He started back to camp, and began walking a little faster as he realized a mountain lion was stalking the same elk and not happy at all to see a human in the area. I imagine the sight of the camper was a welcome relief to our hunter!

On a different note, was given a face lift since we last visited. We hope this is user friendly and enjoyable to our readers. The links to any of my books are only a click away, and if you want an autographed copy from me, that’s also  a click away on the paypal link. I only have a few books left that have the original covers for My Lady.  Once they’re gone, they will go into collector history. That’s also covered with a special link to paypal.

And finally, our neighborhood has been blessed with a tiny little fighter who weighed in at less than 2 pounds at birth. She’s gaining, and the family hopes to bring her home around Thanksgiving. We are in prayer for this little mite. And more sweet baby news—-my nephew and his wife welcomed their baby boy into the family last week, and the icing on the cake? They named him after my Dad. Very sweet!

Have a good and Godly day!